Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

The Hikes:

As you can see on the map below, there are numerous loop trails around the wetlands. While the area is very flat, the lure of this area is the ease of walking for all ages, the abundant wildlife (especially during bird migrations), and the proximity to West Sacramento and Davis. Enjoy our local wildlife area!

Distance: There are numerous looping paths, so the distance can be as much as you like.

How to get there: 

From Davis, take Chiles road or I-80 east. Take the Chiles Road exit (if on I-80), and drive up the levee access ramp, following the signs to the parking area in the Bypass. There are several parking areas and trailheads to experience the wetlands.

The Yolo Basin Wildlife Area Manager has an extensive collection of photographs, which you can see by clicking here.
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