Brophy Canyon Hike - cross-country

The Hike:

You cross Bear Creek, then start up an old fire road on the north side of Brophy Canyon, as you look upstream. Follow this road up to the open grassland, then head cross country north. You will intersect the Three Ponds Trail, and head west toward what I call the 'swimming pond'. Once you get to the swimming pond, you will head south down the ridge to the west of the swimming pond. Head down this ridge, cross country, until you get to another small pond and a clump of oak trees. After getting to the small post with the oak trees, head north on an old road cut to a side drainage of Brophy. You then cross the side drainage of Brophy Canyon, and head southeast, back to the grassland you hiked across at the beginning of the trip. Follow the old fire road back to the car. Since this is a cross country hike, you can pretty much choose any path that suits you. Just remember, if you go east, you hit Highway 16, so if you ever get lost, go east!

How to get there: 

From Yolo county, Woodland and Davis, take Highway 16 through the Capay Valley.  As you drive up the Capay valley, be sure to look to your left and try to pick out Berryessa Peak.  It is the one with the transmitting towers on the top.

Drive up Highway 16 through the Capay valley. Drive almost exactly 2 miles past the Yolo/Colusa County line. Be on the lookout for a pullout on the south side of the road, on the side closest to Bear Creek. Also look out for where Brophy Canyon empties into Bear Creek. Park on the side of the road. The tral starts on the opposite side of Bear Creek. There are no developed facilities at the pullout..

Map with trail route highlighted (.pdf file)
cache creek natural area map

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brophy gpx file
  hiking up the old dirt road   swimming pond
  crossing 'little brophy' canyon   hiking up the canyon
  looking at cache canyon   hiking
  meadow on the way up from Brophy   cows above one of the ponds
  crossing Bear Creek to Brophy   hiking toward Brophy Canyon
  swimming pond panorama   view of Cache canyon
Map of Cache Creek Natural Area - Bear Creek Unit (.pdf file)
ccna map

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Contains all tracks in the Bear Creek Unit of the Cache Creek Natural Area.

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