GPS, Google Earth, and other data  

More hikers are using Global Positioning Systems when venturing outdoors.

Google Earth is a free program which allows you to see 3-dimensional aerial photos from around the globe.

Both of these things can help you plan and enjoy your visit to the Putah and Cache Creek watersheds.

I've provided downloads below, which can be used in GPS software and within Google Earth.


GPS Data:

This file is a .gpx format (GPS Exchange) that contains all trails on the Yolohiker website for which I have GPS data. Some of the data is older and does not have elevation data, but can still be used to navigate the trail.

Most GPS software can import .gpx files. If yours does not, you can find freeware which will.

Link to All Trails GPX file.

If you are on a PC, right click the link to save the file locally, otherwise it will open in a browser window, showing you the xml code of the file.

  yolohiker google earth file  

Google Earth Data:

This file contains trails and trailhead markers as found on the Yolohiker website, for use within Google Earth. Download this file, then open it from within Google Earth. It's like having the Yolohiker website in 3-D.

Link to Yolohiker Google Earth file.