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Participants must fill out the Waiver form, and bring it on the hike.

If you are working on our trail project on Yolo County's Otis Ranch you must also fill out Yolo's volunteer form and waiver.

Be sure to wear sturdy shoes, bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lots of water, a lunch and snack, and a camera, if you like...

Tuleyome is working on developing a hike leader program, to make the hiking club more sustainable in the long term. You can read the post about it, at this link. So volunteer and meet some great people!

  • Easy hikes mean anyone can do it.
  • Moderate hikes mean most can do it, but you should at least be physically active and you will feel like you got some excercise afterwards.
  • Difficult hikes mean you should be in good shape, and lots of uphill is involved. People who can do moderate hikes can also do difficult, but might take longer.

Remember, on all these hikes, you can go back at any time! The idea is to get out and have fun, but if you want to go back early, no one is going to push you to go further. The rating of each hike is my opinion. Some might find moderate hikes difficult, or too easy, but it depends on each person.

Distances and elevations are approximations...

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